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Penny has developed a passion for the world of Fitness, and so she took that passion a step further and had also become a certified group and personal fitness trainer & nutritionist. She's also recently won the 2024 Boston Business Women Award as "Best Personal Trainer" in the Boston area! She takes pride in inspiring and empowering others to transform their bodies and minds.

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How to Work with Penny?

Grow your Mental Strength and Confidence when you HIRE Penny for Personal Training 


    I really enjoy working with Penny. I've always been a person who is very disciplined and self-motivated, and I played a lot of sports so I'm no stranger to consistency, practice, and pushing myself. I never thought of myself as someone who needed a trainer. However, working with Penny has been a great experience and helped push me to the next level. Her energy, enthusiasm, focus on form and mechanics, the variety of workouts - from HIIT, to free weights, body weight, cables, using equipment like battle ropes and sliders - has all been fun and challenging. Penny is a great coach and motivator. She's great at helping me push for just a little bit more on an exercise, but to also see when I need a modification or alternative due to injury or if it's just what I need that particular day. I feel lucky to have met Penny and to be working with her - it's a total game changer!"



         I hemmed and hawed about getting a personal trainer (PT) for a long period of time. My clothes were getting snug in all the wrong places and no matter what I tried to do to get in shape it just wasn’t enough. Finally I decided to do something about it and started having two one-hour sessions of PT a week with Penny. She is the motivation I needed. In just four short weeks I already feel stronger, my clothes are starting to fit right and I am feeling so much better about my self. Penny encourages me to push it a little more than I think I can. She taught me the importance of good nutrition without forcing any type of diet that I would not follow. I look forward to our bi-weekly sessions and can’t wait to see what my body and mind can accomplish! Thank you Penny for getting me back on the right track." 



       I’ve been working out with Penny one on one for about 6 months now. She is very flexible and has worked her way around my crazy schedule. She is such a positive person and full of energy which is important because her energy spills over to me which I definitely need. Another thing I like about Penny’s training style is that it’s not a one size fits all. Penny looks at you individually to see where your limits are and how far you can go which is important when your trying to lose weight. I highly recommend anyone utilize Pennys talents and expertise to help them achieve their health goals!"



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