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Penny Meletlidis is a Fitness Expert and Graphic Designer, and she combines both of her passions sharing her knowledge and expertise at KefiFM as a Creative Director and Host of her own show of Let's Be Real!


Penny has worked on thousands of designs throughout her on-going career and launched her own business called I La Lu Design in 2011.


As an entrepreneur and mom of two, she still finds time to put self-care first in her life. Since having found her love for fitness, she has won 4th place in a fitness competition in April 2019. In November 2020, during the pandemic, she decided to compete again and won 3rd place. She hopes to win 1st place one day!


Upon her achievements and body transformation through her competitions, Penny developed a passion for the world of Fitness, and so she took that passion a step further and had also become a group and personal fitness trainer. She really takes pride in inspiring and empowering others to transform their bodies and minds.


Penny also is extremely dedicated to the Greek community. In her spare time, she gives back and helps out Greek organizations, Greek churches, and Greek-owned small businesses.

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